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Met Edison - Commercial Energy Efficiency Programs


Incentive Type: Utility Rebate Program Eligible Efficiency Technologies: Clothes Washers, Refrigerators, Water Heaters, Lighting, Lighting Controls/Sensors, Chillers , Heat pumps, Central Air conditioners, Motors, Motor VFDs, Custom/Others pending approval, Led Exit Signs, Vending Machine Controls, Commercial Cooking Equipment, Commercial Refrigeration Equipment, Personal Computing Equipment Applicable Sectors: Commercial, Industrial, Schools, Local Government, State Government Amount: Custom Incentives: $0.05/kWh saved LED Exit Sign: $15/sign Lighting Sensors: $35/sensor CFL Incentives: $1/lamp or $15/fixture Refrigerators/Freezers: $50/unit Ice Machines: $50-$200 Steam Cookers: $400 Heat Pump Water Heaters: $200 Storage Water Heaters: $50 Vending Equipment Controller: $25 Clothes Washer/Dryer: $50 Smart Strip Plug Outlets: $10 Motors: $20-$400/motor Heat Pumps or A/C systems: $150-$350/unit Chillers: $12.50-$25/ton Installation Requirements: All projects requesting incentives more than $3,000 must submit the application prior to purchasing equipment. Summary:In order to help meet the goals established in Pennsylvania's Act 129, FirstEnergy's Pennsylvania companies (MetEdison, Penelec, and Penn Power) are providing energy efficiency incentives for a variety of equipment. Eligible equipment includes heat pumps, air conditioners, chillers, lighting measures, motors, and custom incentives. A participant or contractor should submit an application package before the equipment is purchased, install the equipment after receiving an approval letter, and submit proof of purchase/manufacturing specifications within nine months to receive available incentives.